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27WX39H Mixed Media on Paper

“Great Tapes” - A painting of mixed tapes I would listen to back in the day. The 2- PAC tape I found it as a kid in a creek/sewer exploring. The Bando Macho tape I would listen to with my mom on our way to drop or pick up my dad from work. The Big Boy & OutKast tape I would listen to it every morning while getting ready for school. The DJ Screw tape reminds me of my Middle school & High school days. The Cumbias Sonidera tape reminds me of going to Mexico and buying these tapes. The Squirtle Mix tape was a combination of everything in one. The Fugees tape was a tape I stole from my big brother and it become a favorite of mine during my teens. These are all tapes that bring back memories of me growing up.

“Great Tapes”

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