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"Beautiful War" is a Mixed media painting off a recycled hood of a 2015 GMC truck, with the contours in perfect balance to serve as the background for the ubiquitous dogwood blossoms of East Texas spring. The dogwood blooms are sculpted from the hood of a 2005 Impala. A silicone bronze welder was used to connect the individual pieces of recycled metal, reconfiguring what was once powerful machinery, into a beautiful work of art. With a rotary grinder, and my eye for color , i then finished this three-dimensional creation with clear coat. I then created my own frame and used heavy- duty bolts to give it a solid industrial look.

Placed “Best of Show” at 211 Art Gallery in Athens, Tx at the “State of a Wonder” exhibit. 

Beautiful War

SKU: 364215376135191
  • 45X38

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